Project Page: github/node-react-server


This project is a starter template for a web server project with:

  • NodeJS server using Express 4
  • ReactJS client packed up with webpack
  • Ready for Heroku

Extra goodies:

  • Webpack dev hot-reloading for client JS and CSS
  • SASS support
  • Static resource serving
  • AJAX using JQuery
  • Babel loader
  • morgan and log-timestamp improve Node console logging

Getting started

Check out the project from github

git clone

Install deps

npm install

Dev Server

Run dev server locally

npm run dev

Production Build

Build the JS to static resources (in /public)

npm run build

Run the prod server with

npm start

Next Steps

Browse the rest of the template and customize to your preference!


The app should be ready to deploy as a NodeJS app in Heroku.

Deploy on Heroku

Note that there is a postinstall script which Heroku will run after the npm install command and will build the production JS and CSS resources. The dist folder should not be committed to git.