Project Page: github/

This website is designed to showcase interesting projects I’m working on which are hosted on Github.

The content of many posts on this site are synced from the for the project repositories.


A custom Ruby script which does the following

  • Read the Jekyll site _config.yml to get my github username
  • Use the github API to list my public repositories
  • Sync the from each repository to github/_posts/{date}-{reponame}.md

Note: the github/_posts directory indicates a Jekyll category of ‘github’ containing posts Requirements

Each public repository will be checked for a The must start with YAML frontmatter like the following

title: "Order VS Chaos AI"
tags: c++ ai
date: 2016-05-01


The sync adds to the YAML frontmatter to set a reponame attribute for linking and a page layout of “repo”. My repo layout is available here: repo.html

Github Pages

Github Pages is a wonderful free service which hosts either plain HTML or a Jekyll 3 site out of a github repo More details about setting up with Jekyll here